How to Keep Ticks Off Your Pets

Tick season is here and pet owners across the area and now looking for ways to keep this pest away from their pets. It is expected that most pets will pick up a tick or two during the summer. They attach themselves to a pet’s fur very quickly even during simple walks. The following tips can help keep ticks off of your pet.

1- Inspect your Pet

The best way to keep ticks at bay is to inspect your pet when you come in the house after a walk or a long day of playing outside. Thoroughly check his fur to ensure that it’s tick-free before allowing him to roam.

2- Call for Pest Control

A number of strategies help provide top-notch tick prevention peachtree city homeowners can count on to protect them against this pest. Talk to a professional to learn more about the bet tick prevention methods and to schedule service for your home.

3- Cut the Grass

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Ticks enjoy a nice hiding spot, usually that consists of high grass and weeds. By keeping weeds and grass cut, you reduce the hiding spots ticks have available as you create a more appealing style at your home.

4- Groom Your Pet

Grooming your pet is another strategy that helps keep ticks at bay. The pest prefers long haired pets because the fluffiness makes hiding simple. Give your dog a summer ‘do to reduce tick risks and enhance his natural beauty!

5- Use Diatomaceous Earth

Food-grade diatomaceous earth in the gardens can help keep ticks and other pests away if you also take care of weeds and grass cutting. It is possible for a few ticks to remain behind in plants and flowers, however, scattering this in the garden greatly reduces their appearance and the risks.

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